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You only have one opportunity to sell the family estate.  Shouldn't you make sure you have a top-notch professional?  Look no further. Our auctioneer and appraiser, Gregg Pfister, has obtained the Certified Estate Specialist (CES) designation offered through the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute.  Mr. Pfister is qualified to settle estates and deal with family members, tax attorneys, financial planners and accountants.  Our trust and estate clients include trust officers, banks, attorneys and personal representatives.  Families take a lifetime to acquire and maintain their assets; whereas, it can take only a few hours to dispose of a lifetime of assets.  Make sure you work with a Certified Estate Specialist so that all aspects of the estate settlement will be handled appropriately to the benefit of the estate executors.

Questions and Answers About Trust & Estate Services

Q: What is CES?

A: CES stands for Certified Estate Specialist.  It is a designation offered to auctioneers that helps them enhance the services they offer to their customers.

Q: What other estate services does Sunflower Auction offer?

A: Sunflower Auction also offers personal property appraisal services, a full range of auction services and real estate services.  We are a one-stop-shop for complete estate dissolution.

NAA Education Institute News Release - August 7, 2006

Pfister Completes Designation Course

The NAA Education Institute has announced that Gregg Pfister of Sunflower Auction (Overland Park, KS) has been awarded the designation of "Certified Estate Specialist" by the Institute.  Pfister attended the Certified Estate Specialist (CES) designation program offered by the Institute, and is one of only a few hundred professionals in the United States to have earned the CES designation.  Achieving the designation involves a full 21 hours of instruction, followed by a written examination.

Designed to help auctioneers network with other professionals in the financial, business and legal community, this specialized program is offered so that those seeking assistance on estate issues will be assured that someone with a CES designation had advanced education in this area.  They will have taken courses and passed a test dealing with the legal and financial aspects of estates.  The course also addresses the duties and relationships of the parties involved in an estate.


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