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William Fuhrberg, American Artist (1926 - ):

William Fuhrberg was a self taught artist and concern violinist.  He was born in Chicago and lived in the south suburb of Palos Park.  William enjoyed the forest preserves and wildlife in the area and did many paintings of it on the spot.  He spent countless hours at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Nelson Atkins Museum studying the paintings.  He exhibited works in art shows in Chicago, Indiana and Michigan.  One of his shows was held at the Krasyl Art Gallery in St Joseph, Michigan, where he played his violin during the reception.  Another exhibit of his works was displayed at the Culinary Center of Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas.  He belonged to the Greater Kansas City Art Association.  William painted in Maine, Canada, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Mexico.  His paintings are in a variety of styles and mediums.
William Fuhrberg began his study of the violin at age six with his father who was a professor of violin in Chicago at the artistic and cultural Fine Arts building, where he maintained his studio.  Mr. Fuhrberg, Sr. prior to this, studied in Vienna and Pisec, Bohemia with Otokar Sevcik, known as one of the greatest teachers in the world at that time.  William Fuhrberg continued his studies with his father until age sixteen.  He then studied at the Julliard School of Music in New York with Joseph Fuchs and at the American Conservatory in Chicago with Scott Willitts.  At fourteen years of age, he performed with the Morton Symphony, twice as a soloist.  Firstly, the D Major Polonaise of Wieniawski and then at fifteen years the Concerto in D of Paganini-Wilhemj.  At age 15 he played the Paganini Violin Concerto with orchestra.
After a short period of service in the navy, at which time he performed recitals and bond sale programs, he returned to civilian life and studied with John Weicher and Scott Willits in Chicago.  Over the years, Mr. Fuhrberg has been a member of a number of Symphony Orchestras in first and second violin positions including The Arkansas State Symphony, the Aspen Festival, the New Hampshire Music Symphony, the Chicago Civic, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Milwaukee Symphony, Oklahoma City Symphony and the Buffalo Philharmonic.  He also played in community orchestras in his student days.  He has also performed as a soloist with orchestra the Concerto #2 in D minor by Wieniawski.
In the early part of his career he was hit head on by a drunk driver which caused significant physical damage requiring the placement of a steel plate in his left arm and later spinal surgery.  In the intervening years teaching became his major contribution to the musical world, with his most recent joy being the successes of one time pupil Soovin Kim, who in the past two years has won the Paganini competition in Genoa, Italy, the Henryk Szering award in Monaco (Prince Ranier present) and Avery Fisher award in New York.  Another former pupil Evan Rynes has gone to Europe and is now a professional symphony violinist in Germany.  Another pupil, Elizabeth Van Gelderen is distinguishing herself in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area working on the Tchaikowsky Concerto and Bach Chaccone.  She is also teaching 60 violin students.  Another violinist, David Kim, won competitions under the guidance of Mr. Fuhrberg ten years ago.  Of the hundreds of violinists influenced by Mr. Fuhrberg, many are performing with various orchestras today.  His student orchestra has recorded for CBS Television and concerts have been conducted at Wheaton College and Oak Forest, Illinois, The Museum of Natural History and The Chicago Public Library.  He has taught at Suzuki Institutes and workshops and for many years conducted his own summer workshops.
Since living in Kansas City, Mr. Fuhrberg has become a member of the Federated Teachers, the Kansas City Musical Club and Hasta.  Mr. Fuhrberg and his wife Carolyn have performed at several retirement and nursing homes.  Recently, Mr. Fuhrberg conducted a string orchestra at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Kansas City Musical Club.  Mr. Fuhrberg believes very implicitly that a secure technical approach to the violin is an absolute necessity to proficiency so that “the heart can sing.”

List of signed original works of art by William Fuhrberg to be sold at auction 6/9/07 & 6/30/07:

1. Covert State Park, Michigan; Oil; 22x28
4. Lilies; Watercolor; 18x24
5. Michigan Garden Scene; Oil; 22x28
6. Lilies; Watercolor; 24x18
7. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 24x18
9. Lilies; Oil; 36x24
10. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
11. Lilies; Pastel; 24x18
12. Lilies; Pastel; 24x18
13. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
15. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
16. Landscape; Oil; 22x28
18. Mexico; Watercolor; 24x18
19. Flowers; Pastel; 24x16
20. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
21. Landscape; Oil; 22x28
23. Mexico; Watercolor; 24x18
24. Water Lilies; Oil; 18x24
25. Landscape; Oil; 16x20
26. Landscape; Oil; 12x16
27. Flowers; Pastel; 26x22
28. Landscape; Oil; 22x28
29. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
30. Landscape; Oil; 20x24
32. Ranville's Fishing Shack, Michigan; Oil; 18x24
32a. Landscape; Oil; 20x24
33. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
34. Landscape; Oil; 20x24
36. Garden; Oil; 20x24
37. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
39. Michigan; Oil; 22x28
40. Bay Café; Watercolor; 18x24
43. Mexico; Watercolor; 24x18
44. Michigan; Oil; 22x28
45. Abstract; Watercolor; 18x24
46. Landscape; Oil; 24x24
48. Landscape; Oil; 24x30
52. Flowers; Oil; 28x22
53. Michigan; Oil; 22x28
54. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
55. Michigan; Oil; 20x24
56. Flowers; Oil; 24x20
57. Rainy Lake, Canada; Oil; 14x18
58. Shipyard in South Haven, Michigan; Oil; 22x28
59. Farm Scene, Michigan; Oil; 24x18
60. Lamont, Illinois; Oil; 22x28
61. Landscape; Oil; 22x28
62. Lamont, Illinois; Oil; 20x24
63. Woodridge, Illinois; Oil; 22x28
64. Rainy Lake, Canada; Oil; 18x24
65. Palos Park, Illinois; Oil; 18x24
66. Woodridge, Illinois; Oil; 18x24
67. Boatslip, Maine; Oil; 18x24
68. Palos Park, Illinois; Oil; 36x30
70. Mexico; Watercolor; 18x24
71. Michigan; Oil; 20x24
72. Flowers; Oil; 36x28
74. Landscape; Oil; 16x20
75. Landscape; Oil; 24x30
77. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
80. Landscape; Oil; 24x30
85. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
87. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
89. Mexico; Watercolor; 18x24
92. Mexico; Watercolor; 18x24
93. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
95. Colorado; Watercolor; 22x30
96. Landscape; Oil; 24x30
97. Mexico; Watercolor; 18x24
98. Canada; Oil; 16x20
99. Flowers; Oil; 22x22
101. Landscape; Oil; 24x20
104. Mexico; Watercolor; 24x18
105. Forest; Oil; 22x30
106. Kansas; Oil; 24x36
107. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
108. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
109. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
111. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
112. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
114. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
115. Landscape; Oil; 26x36
116. Landscape; Oil; 16x20
118. Landscape; Oil; 14x18
120. Flowers; Watercolor; 18x19
121. Landscape; Oil; 28x22
122. Landscape; Oil; 20x24
123. Flowers; Pastel; 28x22
124. Flower Pot; Oil; 14x18
125. Apostle Islands; Oil; 16x20
126. Landscape; Oil; 16x20
127. Dunes; Oil; 18x24
128. Landscape; Oil; 16x20
129. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
130. Flowers; Oil; 22x22
131. Roeland Park, Kansas; Pastel; 24x18
132. Flowers ; Watercolor; 24x18
133. Dunes; Oil; 11x14
136. Mexico; Watercolor; 18x24
137. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18

End 6/9/07 Auction, Begin 6/30/07 Auction

138. Mexico; Watercolor; 18x24
139. Landscape; Oil; 22x28
140. Landscape; Oil; 20x16
141. Water Lilies; Oil; 18x24
142. Colorado; Oil; 24x30
143. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
144. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
145. Dunes; Pastel; 24x18
146. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
147. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
148. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
149. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
150. Landscape; Pastel; 18x24
151. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
152. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
154. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x22.5
155. Landscape; Watercolor; 14x16
156. Landscape; Watercolor; 12x13
157. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
159. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
160. Landscape; Pastel; 24x18
162. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
163. Landscape; Watercolor; 24x18
164. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
165. Landscape; Watercolor; 24x18
166. Abstract; Watercolor; 24x18
167. Landscape; Watercolor; 24x18
169. Landscape; Pastel; 18x14
172a. Landscape; Watercolor; 15x22
172b. Flowers; Watercolor; 22x16
174. Landscape; Watercolor; 16x18
176. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
177. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
178. Landscape; Watercolor; 12x18
180. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
181. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
182. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 12x18
183. Landscape; Watercolor; 24x18
186a. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
186b. Landscape; Watercolor; 24x18
187. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
188. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
189a. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
189b. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
190. Dunes; Watercolor; 11x15.5
191. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 14x16
193. Abstract; Pastel; 24x18
194. Landscape; Watercolor; 14x17
195. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
195a. Abstract; Pastel; 11x18
197. Abstract; Watercolor; 24x18
198. Landscape; Watercolor; 24x18
199. Dunes; Watercolor; 18x24
200. Abstract; Watercolor; 16x14
201. Lilies; Watercolor; 14x17
202. Lilies; Watercolor; 17x13
203. Landscape; Watercolor; 11x15
204. Flowers; Watercolor; 14x17
205. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 8.5x17
205b. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 8x16
206. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 6x22
207. Flowers; Watercolor; Various
208. Lilies; Watercolor; 4x6.5
209. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 6.5x22
209a. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 5x7
209b. Landscape; Watercolor; 6x10
209c. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 7x14
210. Flowers; Watercolor; Various Sizes
211. Flowers; Watercolors; Various Sizes
212. Landscape; Watercolor; 6x10
212b. Flowers; Watercolor; 8x2,10.5x2.5, 8x7
213. Water Lilies; Watercolors; 12x18
214. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 12x18
215. Landscape; Watercolor; 14x17
216. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 11x18
217. Flowers; Watercolor; 10x16
218. Landscape; Watercolor; 9x18
219. Dunes; Watercolor; 13.5x20.25
220. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 11x18
221. Landscape; Oil; 40x30
222. Flowers; Oil; 33x25
223. Landscape; Oil; 18x24
224. Abstract; Watercolor; 16x6
225. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
226. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
227. Abstract; Watercolor; 18x24
228. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
229. Flowers; Watercolor; 24x18
230. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
231. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
232. Abstract; Pastel; 18x24
233. Landscape; Sketch; 18x24
234. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
235. Abstract; Pastel; 16x16
236. Flowers; Sketch; 14.50x13
237. Landscape; Watercolor; 12x18
238. Flowers; Watercolor; 18x12
239. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 10.50x15
240. Water Lilies; Watercolor; 10.50x14
241. Irises Print by Harry Lipka; Print; 7x5
242. Flowers; Pastel; 12x9
243. Landscape; Watercolor; 15x10.25
244. Landscape; Watercolor; 9x4.25
245. Reproduction Print Roses by Renoir; Print; 12x10
246. Little Street Vermeer Museum Print Editions; Print; 14x11
247. Palos Park, IL; Watercolor; 4x6
248. Landscape; Watercolor; 4x6,7x5,8x6
249. Landscapes and Flowers; Watercolor; 8.5x4.5,7x5,4.5x6.5,8x2,6x1
a. Set of 6 Japanese Prints; Japanese Color Prints; 24x13
b. Flowers; Watercolor; 18x20
c. Abstract; Sketch; 12x18
d. Abstract; Watercolor; 24x18
e. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
f. Landscape; Watercolor; 18x24
g. Abstract; Watercolor; 18x24
h. Landscape; Pastel; 18x14
i. Landscape; Watercolor; 12x16
j. Lilies; Watercolor; 11x20
l. Landscape; Print; 17x23
m. Flowers; Print; 12.75x29.5
o. Flowers; Pastel; 24x18
p. Landscape; Oil; 22x28
q. Landscape; Oil; 24x30
r. Flowers; Oil; 30x28
s. Landscape; Oil; 24x18

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