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Financial Services:

Put your collection to work.  Sunflower Auction helps you put your historical and decorative collectibles including coins, firearms and militaria to work through a selection of customizable financing options.  We offer:
•Rapid response and personal valuation by our expert appraisers
•Financing available up to 50% of the low auction estimate
•Efficient service with complete discretion
•Nationwide availability
•Secure and insured archival storage
•No upfront costs
Put your money to work.  Now you can capitalize on your collection with financial services from Sunflower Auction.  Sunflower Auction’s expertise in financing is a natural complement to the auction and appraisal services we already provide.  Our knowledge of the markets and experience creating financial solutions combine into a flexible borrowing process for you with confidential service, rapid turnaround time and nationwide availability.  With proof of ownership and a valuation by an expert from Sunflower Auction, we are often able to issue funds within days.  The next time you need to raise capital, please contact a member of our experienced financial services team.
1.  Cash Advances – If you own a collection which you plan to sell, it is possible to obtain funds before the auction.  Most of the items we sell can be used as collateral for a loan of up to 50% of the low auction estimate.  With this type of loan, you reap the benefits of selling at auction while gaining immediate access to funds.  The minimum amount for such an advance is generally $10,000.  Our clients have historically used cash advances to start a business, buy or remodel a home, pay for college or medical expenses or take a well deserved vacation.
2.  Term Loans – If you own a collection which you do not plan to sell, but would like to borrow against its value, it is also possible for you to obtain funds.  Using your collection as collateral, we can extend a term loan or establish a line of credit of up to 50% of the low auction estimate.  The minimum amount for such a loan is generally $25,000.  Our clients have historically used term loans to add to their inventory, refine their collection or take advantage of a sudden business opportunity.  Items can also easily be sold at the end of the term if necessary.

Our clients include collectors, dealers, corporations, trusts and estates.  Our financial services representatives are standing by to assist you.  Please give us a call today.


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